Holy Crap, this site is LIVE!

Today is this site's birthday. 


I officially jumped in.  The Hungry Gypsy is live.  No longer just a trial site for my eyes only, these words can be accessed on the world wide web.  Yikes. 

You see, I actually wrote the previous posts while designing this site before it was truly viewable online.  Now shit gets real.


My original plan was to start this post with a disclaimer. I'd talk about how this site is a work in progress, and how my tendency to get caught up in minutiae inspired me to avoid being trapped by my own detail-oriented self-spiral and just make the damn thing live already.  (That and the web hosting site may or may not have forced my hand by expiring my trial and requiring me to woman-up to the real thing.)

Instead I'm gonna move past it and just make those changes as I go.

Tina Fey

The latest with me is that I am still studying for my board exam, feeling all kinds of unprepared.  It is NOT super fun to feel like after drowning in "learning" for the past two years, my actual retention of such classically favorite subjects as organic chemistry, biochemistry and physiology is less than stellar.  The woes of overly-compressed learning and taxed adrenals. 

This exam is going to be one of those fun "memorization-based" tests.  In "real life" we do not need to have micronutrient fact sheets memorized.  You just need to know where to look that information up.  Real life has books.  Exams do not.  Granted, I'm not discounting the education portion- a layman may not only not know where to look this information up, but may not know what it meant even if he did.  Owning a book and having truly studied a subject are not the same thing.  I'm just saying that it is a pain in the tukkis to memorize so much information for such a comprehensive test.  Basically I'm just bitching. 

But on to happier things:  The plan seems to be that after (hopefully) passing this exam in November, I will stay through the holidays and then start a year of adventure in the New Year.  I'm so excited!  Where should I go first??

Adventure is out there
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