Why Hello!

Welcome to The Hungry Gypsy.

Thank you for making your way over to my corner of cyberspace. There's a lot out here in Internet Land so I really appreciate it. The Hungry Gypsy is a personal, health, food and travel blog. Here I will have musings, talk about my hungry adventures, give out nutrition, food and wellness advice and post recipes. The eventual goal is that this site might develop into a rather propitious space with a supportive, passionate community. I welcome you to join this community!  Just remember to be respectful of all. This is a space to share information, thoughts and ideas, which can absolutely include constructive criticism, but any outright barbarity is forbidden. My House, My Rules.  

Now onto a little bit about me...

Allow me to introduce myself...

...GAH! Writing a bio is THE WORST.

How do I sum up 29 years in a paragraph or two?

There are many different common styles of bios.  How do I choose?  Honestly, I consider myself an eclectic sort- which direction should I go?

1. The uber professional

Katie Dawn Habib has a M.S. in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Southern California.  She is a fully credentialed Certified Nutrition Specialist® professional.  She is currently a holistic nutritionist, a writer and a sometimes actress.  She has been published in such publications as Elephant Journal, LIVESTRONG and Roots & Branches.

Factual, yes, but boring.

2. The painfully whimsical

She writes, she speaks.

She travels, she eats.  

She'll talk to you about wellness and nutrition, nature and the beauty of intangibles.  And art. In just about every form. Although music, the written word and acting tend to get blathered on about the most.  And sports.  She also really likes sports.

She's a thinker and a doer. Perhaps an artist. Hopefully, creative.  Definitely a risk taker.  Slowly she is recognizing that aging is actually the opportunity to live each new day with more authenticity.  

True, but maybe a little over the top?

3. Humorous with self-deprecation

The twenties are hard and somehow Katie still finds herself in them.  She's successfully found her way into her late twenties without a drug habit or any credit card debt, however, so in her book that goes down as a WIN.  Unless you are one of those conservative types who consider wine, coffee or chocolate a drug, in which case she has made it into her late twenties without any credit card debt.   She has a tendency to reach for the stars and a not-so-small amount of wanderlust.  It was her gypsy heart coupled with her love and knowledge of food and nutrition that conceived of the name The Hungry Gypsy in all its double entendre glory.  Katie hopes to share a bit of her knowledge, discover new truths and help everyone feel a bit more loved and secure in themselves.

Again all true, but kind of dippy?

4. Gifs

How most of my twenties had been going.


When I see pictures of far-off lands.

I want-go-to-there.gif

Katie, would you like some wine (coffee, tea, chocolate or any delicious REAL food)?


If it comes in a box with dozens of processed ingredients, is it a real food?


How I feel about crazy outrage in internet comments or "twitter fights."


If I meet a man who is racist, homophobic, sexist or just plain apathetic.


Sometimes I spend all day working on this website or writing only to completely chuck it all out.


Yea, ok, I'm still in my twenties but usually this is the best way to deal with life.

All gifs courtesy of reactiongifs.com

All gifs courtesy of reactiongifs.com

5. Pictures

This is me when someone else does my hair and makeup.


This is a more accurate photo of me.


My Dad says that jumping out of planes is an "unnecessary risk." I told my parents about this after the fact.


I get a kick out of doing silly things.


I enjoy doing a lot of this.


And a bunch of this.


I seriously geek out over food writers.


Let's go to a coffee shop and have a good chat.  Anytime.  I'm down.


Sometimes I rock serious hippie-gypsy style.


Ultimately, my goal is to spend my life feeling like this.



Eh, screw it.  There ya go.  Pick whichever one suits your fancy.  

I look forward to getting to know all of you too.  Feel free to contact me. And may you have a lovely day!