A Bit of Baltimore

Isn't it kind of funny how we forget to explore our own home town?

I'm from the suburbs of Baltimore, and while I am a diehard Ravens and Orioles fan (and always will be no matter what city I live in), I've spent way more time truly exploring all of the other cities that I've lived in.  That has always been my M.O. when I land in a new place: walk around.  Get to know the area.  People watch.  It's one of my favorite things and I don't really do it very much in Maryland.  Nor in D.C. (Which will be the focus of a future post since it's also so familiar and close to home that I owe it some love too.) I've only started to appreciate the fact that Baltimore has been a bit neglected in my eyes and deserves some time and photographic attention.  

Baltimore's inner harbor has always been one of my favorite places.  I have vivid memories of it growing up.  

It always seemed so big back then.  Now I recognize that the physical space deemed The Inner Harbor is actually quite compact.

I'll always remember this incredible science and nature store located in one of the harbor buildings.  I don't remember its name, but I'll never forget the feeling I got when I walked in: Other-worldly. As if I had stumbled inside a fantasy novel. I'd fallen through the closet into Narnia.  

That store is long gone, its rooms having undergone multiple owner transitions between the 90's and now.  

Still I love that sensation.  It seems to be one of those unique experiences so common in childhood that as adults we yearn to have again.  I believe it is entirely possible to be utterly in awe of the world around us as an adult, but it is certainly less common.  As children, the world feels infinite.  As adults, sometimes we lose sight of the enormity of the universe and forget to be impressed.

That is why it is wonderful to go someplace where the city lights don't block out the stars, to travel to areas of the planet that look nothing like our hometowns, and to step inside museums and art galleries to behold some of man's and natures's most beautiful creations.

And then it is wonderful to revisit our hometowns with fresh eyes.


Katie Dawn Habib

Katie Dawn Habib is a Holistic Nutrition Coach with a M.S. in Nutrition and Integrative Health. By combining her nutrition knowledge with a love of writing, Katie created her own website, The Hungry Gypsy, where she talks about food, nutrition, wellness and travel. On her site you can also find information about her nutrition coaching practice and join in on the conversations. Katie would like to contribute in some small way to global healing and help her clients and readers feel inspired.