Fall Flavors

It's officially October which means that I am willing to surrender to the passing of summer and the onset of fall. The fall equinox was September 22, but in Los Angeles September weather is still fully beach-appropriate. In October, the evenings let go of the summer heat and release cool, light breezes. Thus, I am now ready to embrace the gems of fall: earth tones, light sweaters and scarves, and the fruits (and vegetables!) of fall.

Fall happens to be my favorite season, the color pallet matching my own interior design choices and the crispness in the air my ideal weather. Going along with this season are some truly wonderful foods. Below is a list of Fall Seasonal Foods to be found at your local farmer's market.

(These are for California. The list will be similar, but with some changes if you live on the East Coast.)

Fall Seasonal Foods
Fall Foods


Eat raw or cooked. Great in pies, cider, on salads and as apple sauce.


Eat raw or cooked. Eat the fleshy part of the leaves and the base, known as the "heart."


Eat raw or cooked. Typically in salads, but can be sautéed and added to hot dishes.

Asian Pears

Eat raw or cooked. Great on salads, by themselves and in tarts.

Bell Peppers

Eat raw or cooked. Great on salads, with hummus or in stir fries.




Eat cooked. (Raw okay, but it is a goitrogen raw.) Great steamed or sautéed.


Eat cooked. (Raw okay, but it is a goitrogen raw.) Great sautéed or roasted.


Eat cooked. Eat leaves and steams. Best sautéed.


Eat cooked. Great sautéed, grilled or roasted.


Eat raw or cooked. The fronds can be used as an herb dried or fresh. The bulb and stalk can be eaten raw, sautéed or roasted. 



Eat raw, dried or cooked. Great cooked with meat. Super sweet, especially when dried.


Eat raw (or dried as raisins!) Many varieties with different colors, some with or without seeds.

Green Beans

Eat cooked. Great steamed, sautéed, roasted or baked into dishes.


Eat cooked. (Raw okay, but often hard to digest. You can "massage" kale for a raw kale salad.) Remove stems. Great steamed and sautéed.


Eat raw or cooked. Great by themselves, on salads, in desserts, or sautéed with butter/ghee.




Eat raw. Add the seeds to salads, fruit bowls or as a breakfast topping.


Eat cooked. Great sautéed, roasted, baked into breads and pies, or in smoothies.


Eat raw or cooked. Great on salads, sandwiches, in a stir-fry or roasted. 


Eat raw or cooked. Raw has a stronger flavor. Leaves and bulbs are edible. Leaves best sautéed, bulbs best sautéed or roasted.

Winter Squash

Eat cooked. Many different varieties. Great sautéed or roasted.

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